VP#2 : Still Shots

  Our team took video about the cup noodles which are most famous in HYU. These are still shots. We have fun time.

VP#2 : Preparing Video

  He is one of my team member, Jinkyu. He think about his line before taking video haha

VP#2 : My NG Cut

  I took a short clip with my best friend, jjappagetti. But i forgot some lines.. haha

Video Project #1 Group Video

  Our team Canvas, took shots from daily life. This video is consist of our 4 member’s everyday life. So, the title of this video is ‘Everyday Life’ Enjoy it! thank you!

Bottle Company

Bottle Company is one of pub in Jamsil. They sell home-made liquor. I ordered their special beer. It tastes great. The charateristic of Korean beer is that they taste like soda. They might be made in different way compare to the other country’s beer. Because when i drank German beer, it doesn’t taste like soda.

Adventure Time!

Today i want to inform you funny animation called ‘Adventure Time’. A friend of mine just told me that there’s mad animation. And i like mad stuffs. So i started to watch this animation and it fits me well. These are Finn and Jake, who are the main characters of Adventure time. But, instead of…

Pork Cutlet (Dongaseu)

I heard that there’s famous pork cutlet ( dongaseu) restaurant near by Hongik university. So i went to there with my friend. I ordered cheese dongaseu, but it was not that delicious. It’s too oily so i can’t eat all of them. So i went to cafe, to drink something fresh.

Fusion Japanese Restaurant

I went to the Japanese Restaurant near by Sungshin women’s university. It sells fusion japanese food. I ordered special lunch set. And here’s photos. Noodles, salad, sauced shrimp and rolls are nice.

Noodle Box

I am studying at Hangyang university. So i often go to enter-6 market near by my school. And at there, i found one interesting restaurant. This restaurant is called ‘Noodle-box’. They sell many kinds of noodles and rices. I ate ‘Pad Thai’ and ‘Nasi Goreng’ with my friend. I heard that Nasi Goreng is the…

Korean-style Raw Beef

I really love Korean-style Raw Beef. In Korean we called it ‘Yuk whae’ So i went to one of the famous market to eat them. This one is original version of Korean-style raw beef. We ate them with various vegetables and egg. And a shot of soju with Korean-style raw beef is fantastic. It’s really…